Since 1990, Hantec Group provides multi-dimention services to customers all over the world.
About us

Founded in 1990, Hantec Group is a multinational corporation based in Hong Kong with a focus on providing professional financial services to global clients.

Hantec Group also operates an array of non-financial businesses, including IT, Culture & Art and Life, which turns Hantec into a cross-sector corporation. Owing to an expansion in business scale and surge in customer numbers, Hantec is present in 19 cities across 14 countries worldwide, covering Greater China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa, creating synergistic effects between one another. 

The Group is authorised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Japan Financial Services Agency, UK Financial Conduct Authority, Mauritius Financial Service Commission and Taiwan Securities Investment Consulting Enterprises business license to provide financial services. These include leveraged foreign exchange, bullion and derivatives trading services. As a customer-oriented company, the Group’s professional team has expertise in different aspects including banking, securities, capital markets, bullion trading, commodity futures and wealth management, using advanced analytical software to offer quality financial services for both corporate and individual investors.

Hantec attaches great weight to IT, making it the first trader in Hong Kong to run an online transaction platform that was developed in-house. Continuous optimisation of the platform has taken place since its inception, enabling the Group to provide high-quality and customised wealth management services. While growing the existing securities and asset management businesses, the Group also widened its product portfolio to bullion, FX and CFD. The Group also provides a smart online trading service, instant stock quotation and distribution of global market information. Premised on its enduring advantage, the Group draws up unique marketing strategies for each market, in order to meet the different demands in global financial markets.

Apart from the provision of financial services, the Group has also developed a diversified portfolio of Culture & Art, IT and Lifestyle Consultancy businesses. The Group strives to leveraging on its IT network strengths and talents, the Group aims to create new growth drivers by meeting the needs of the new breed of customers.